Libeo nouvelle identité

Libeo takes on a new identity!

Libeo takes on a new identity as the first business platform to bring together payment management and a community hub. The leading European business-to-business payment specialist, has taken a major turn in becoming the leading European hub for entrepreneurs, business leaders and their commercial partners.

In addition to letting companies make and receive payments, Libeo’s unique network of 100,000 companies will offer the business-to-business segment features that are now essential on social networks, such as access to reliable contacts, together with the ability to message one other and set up groups.


After announcing a 20 million euro fund-raising round in February and the acquisition of TrackPay in June, Libeo is stepping up its support for VSEs and SMEs by offering a more social and enhanced platform, as well as a revamped identity geared towards greater trust and serenity.

Paris, 23 September 2021. With its solution, Libeo has been able to remove the barriers linked to the financial management of payment between companies and has become the European leader in the market by setting up a network of 100,000 interconnected companies. Building on its technological capabilities, the company is now expanding its offer through new functionalities to become the first trust hub between connected businesses.


What if the community was the future of business? Since its inception, Libeo has always been convinced of the importance of community and strives to build trust between business leaders and suppliers through synergies. Initially designed to remove time-consuming administrative tasks, the platform and its technology had previously been used to facilitate and streamline payments, while transmitting data securely on both sides of the value chain. A network of companies and a relationship of trust have progressively emerged through this single infrastructure, which was previously lacking in a sector plagued by fragmented systems and complex standards.

“We now want to leverage this established relationship to transform the management of banking flows and the relationship between service providers and SMEs in depth. Both connected and unconnected users of our service can benefit from this card to get ahead of automation and time saving. Libeo has become the first community platform

for businesses and entrepreneurs seeking solutions to this important collective need through our services”, Pierre Dutaret, CEO and co-founder of Libeo.

Libeo is now making a decisive turn in its development by consolidating and putting into action its commitment to creating links and becoming a hub for connections and relationships between professionals, beyond the equivocal idea of a simple monetary transaction. This professional hub will make it possible for those professions that share common issues to move forward together, and to improve the delivery and quality of services.

Features include:

  • Access to instant and secure business-to-business payments

  • A digital mailbox for receiving and sending invoices

  • Foreign currency payments and rate control

  • Provision of recommendations between members and the sharing of a common, up-to-date directory of reliable suppliers

  • A built-in social network and messaging system,

  • The opportunity to co-create large-scale workspaces and stage events focusing on the issues encountered by the same given profession…

As the European leader in payment management and the first professional hub, the company is part of a new service trend for professionals, combining security regulation and social networking. Payment management and instant exchange services provided by consumer market leaders (WhatsApp, Revolut, Lydia, etc.) can finally be offered to business-to-business services, as Libeo takes the lead in this trend and participates in the creation of a new market philosophy.

Fundraising: Libeo raises €20 million to become the leader in B2B payments in Europe


Giving back to business creators and managers their ability to act through “payments with peace and love” is Libeo’s new motto, which unveils a new brand identity based on dynamism and peace of mind. Offered in collaboration with London agency Koto, it represents the building of trust between business partners established by Libeo, which relies on relationships to disrupt and advance the market.

Libeo has been a partner of small and medium-sized businesses since its creation, and has chosen to focus on exchange and collaboration for more efficient, transparent and peaceful business relationships. The brand has been enriched with new, brighter and more striking colours in the historically sober world of financial services. An animated hand symbolising the helping hand given to entrepreneurs, whether they are restaurant owners, shopkeepers or managers of very small businesses, illustrates the new campaigns. Libeo is taking advantage of a new, offbeat tone that is resolutely focused on the human side and mutual aid between professionals and businesses.

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