Manage your suppliers and pay your bills without having to connect to your bank. Stop wasting time, we’ve got your back.

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One single platform to manage and pay all your supplier invoices


Free up to 1 day per week

Stop wasting time collecting and entering your invoices manually. Focus on what matters.


Know what you’re paying

Is your supplier’s invoice correct?  Only pay what you owe, when you owe it.

Digitalisation de vos processus

Anticipate cash outflows

Bye bye uncertainty and cash flow stress. Know when major invoices will be disbursed. Stop putting your business at risk.

The easiest, most reliable B2B payments platform in Europe

Libeo scans and sorts all of your invoices

Centralise and find all your invoices in a matter of seconds.

  • Automatic invoice collection
  • Free scanning app for your employees
  • Smart storage
  • Advanced search by keyword

Libeo: simple and secure payments

Discover a new payment experience. With Libeo, pay your invoices in one click without having to connect to your bank.

  • Instant or scheduled payments
  • Mass payments
  • Due date monitoring
  • Easy down payment and credit notes management
  • Active fraud protection

Libeo digitizes your approval workflows

Alone or as a team, save time monitoring your payments. No more sticky notes and time-consuming processes.

  • Duplicates identification
  • Purchase order management
  • Pricing checkup
  • Differentiated roles for your team
  • Easy collaboration with your accountant
Tiphaine Bailly Adar

With Libeo, I can manage my invoices easily, at last. The platform is intuitive and helps me know when and how to pay my suppliers.

Tiphaine Bailly, Co-founder
Adar Restaurant & Catering Services

Libeo syncs with your existing tools

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French company? Sign up here We only onboard french companies for now