Jasmine, International Expansion & Partnerships: “Startups are my world”

United Kingdom, Spain, Benelux, Italy. Libeo aims to conquest Europe! And in this new big adventure, the company can count on Jasmine, a dynamic Canadian from Toronto, who moved to France in 2013 and joined Libeo as International Expansion & Partnerships Manager. 

Jasmine, what’s your job at Libeo?

I joined Libeo as International Partnerships Manager in July 2021. In the beginning, as international didn't exist yet at Libeo, I did a little bit of everything – events, administration, sales calls, beta testing. Little by little, I was dealing more with expansion, first in the UK:  I started creating the ecosystem and developing our solution in the restaurant and hospitality sector.

Can you tell us about your previous experiences and your academic background?

I was born in China, and I moved to Canada when I was eight. I’ve had the pleasure to study in China and the UK during university, and volunteered for a few months in Ethiopia & South Africa right after. In 2013, I moved to France to study for two years at EM LYON (MSc in management). Then I started my own company: I designed leather bags, had them produced in Morocco, and sold them online. This experience was great, but I felt a little bit lonely: with my associate, it was just the two of us, and as a foreigner in France, it was very difficult for me. It made me realise that I liked working with people and led me to the startup world. 

I moved to Paris from Lyon five years ago, and I have been in several positions. I started as an Events Manager at Hardware Club (a VC fund), moved to Swapcard (mobile events platform) as a project manager, and to Sellsy (CRM & invoicing), a French startup based in La Rochelle, where I became Head of international partnerships. I took a break during COVID, and amongst many activities, I spent three months in the mountains and decided to do a UX/UI Bootcamp at Ironhack. Design is fundamental in my roles in general, and I wanted to understand the process behind it.

Why did you decide to join Libeo?

The startup ecosystem is my world. I felt very motivated by the mission because Libeo didn't have an international stream at that time, and I was curious to see how things would go on. And Imed, our Head of Strategy and Partnerships, made me realise that if I worked at Libeo, I would get to work in many different areas. 

During all the process, I felt very heard as a person. When I spoke with Pierre and Pierre-Antoine, it was nice, I liked all the questions they had, and it was clear that they were invested in finding the right fit. Plus, everyone spoke English perfectly, and Imed mentioned that Libeo was already starting to employ more international people. I felt that the company was ready for international because people were already in that mindset. 

What do you like the most right now in your job?

The diversity of my role. I collaborate with many teams: Product, Events, Sales, Communication, Growth etc. My mission is vibrant: I'm using everything that I've ever learned from every company I've been with and putting it together – Project Management, Events Management, sales product, UX/UI, marketing, growth…

My Libeo experience thus far has been super rewarding because we now have a dedicated international Product team, and it is exhilarating to see everything come together. We feel that all employees have started focusing on international, and everyone is on board now.

What qualities are the most needed to be successful in this position?

I would say flexibility and adaptation. Our team is like a startup within a startup. Sometimes things don't go the way we want, but we have to make it work anyway. Prioritisation is also essential in my job. There are constantly a lot of opportunities to grab, things to explore and new people to meet, so we have to find the right balance: making good choices but being reactive at the same time because if you're overthinking, opportunities don’t wait!

What do you like the most today at Libeo?

All of my colleagues are just amazing. They are super open and very creative, and they always want to find new ways of working and take up the challenge if something isn’t. Even if the company is growing, we all feel that we are part of something bigger. There's no power struggle nor a hierarchy. Everyone is there to make this work, the culture is fun, and everyone wants to be together. And it’s not a posture: we do it. For example, the first 30 Libeons are still very dedicated to our Thursday drinks.

We are hiring! Find more about our offers right here: https://apply.workable.com/libeo-app/.

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