Pink Pig Financials

“I've been impressed every step of the way. It's smooth and easy, exactly what we want and it works!”

Utilisateur de LibeoLibeo's user:Cheryl Sharp, Founder & CEO

EnterpriseCompany:Pink Pig Financials

LocationLocation:Essex, UK

IndustrieIndustry:Accounting & Bookkeeping

Nombre d'employeesNumber of employees:8

Fonctionnalite prefereeFeatures:Payroll payments & Bulk payments

Pink Pig Financials is an innovative digital accountancy practice helping business owners to do more of what they love with who they love. The practice aims to help aspiring limited companies owners to set up their own businesses and manage business growth while keeping their clients in HMRC’s good books. Its founder and CEO, Cheryl Sharp, explains how Libeo fits naturally into Pink Pigs Financials DNA.

About Pink Pig Financials

Pink Pig Financials was started in January 2014 by Cheryl, offering accounting services, including tax returns and payroll for sole traders and companies. Now, the team has grown to 8 people and they are working with clients from around the country. Their mission: Help clients spend more time doing things they love with who they love. They achieved this mission by making the accounting process as simple as possible

Current Offering

All clients are on Xero with some set up with Dext. Pink Pig takes care of the whole payables processing, ensuring that everything is in the right place and that clients know what they need to pay, as well as payroll for most clients.

The number of purchase invoices range from roughly 25 invoices per month for smaller-sized clients, up to 50 to 60 for mid-sized clients and for larger clients, up to 100. Some clients do their own bookkeeping and payments and Pink Pig is looking to offer payments to their clients through Libeo. Even after the clients were reminded to pay their invoices, it’s the choice of the client to pay or not.

What is missing?

Pink Pig’s goal is to make life simple for their clients. On the payment side, it’s not so simple at the moment. It is a service that they have been looking for but hasn’t found the right solution until Libeo.

Another very powerful feature is the automatic reading of the invoice thanks to OCR technology: the invoices are automatically read and classified, and the sales team is only called in for approval, which acts as a management control at the same time.

And finally, the automatic calculation of payment deadlines: it may seem trivial, but when you work with several European countries with different regulations, you are very happy that the tool automatically calculates the due date applicable to each!

"So far, I've been really impressed. I've tried so many different payment services, but none have been right. Libeo has been a breath of fresh air. With bank payment and the wallet, we now have one solution for all our clients!"

Cheryl Sharp

Founder & CEO– Pink Pig Financials

How Libeo changed the game

Libeo Wallet

“Onboarding and using the wallet have been very easy. Paying a few supplier payments that went through directly and paying our own payroll through the wallet has also been smooth.

I can pay for everything on one screen, and there is no need to log into online banking on my phone! “I try to stay off my phone during the day”.


“Now that I can download it from Xero and upload the exact file directly into Libeo, it’s brilliant! I didn’t need to do anything. A lot of time is saved between our payroll and those of our clients.”

Next Steps

Cheryl is excited to get started on the next steps with Libeo. Her team members will be onboarded onto Libeo so that they can easily onboard clients and save time from their current process. She also wants them to learn about how she can weave Libeo into her current payment offerings now that security and manual entry is out of the picture!

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