Ten green bottles

“Clear, efficient, streamlined”: How Libeo changed the game for Ten Green Bottles


Libeo's user : Simon Broad, co-owner & founder


Company : Ten Green Bottles Limited


Location : Brighton, UK


Industry : Retail & Catering

Nombre d'employees

Number of employees : 7


Features : Bulk pay & future dating payments

Ten Green Bottles was founded by Simon Broad & Sam Devaney in January 2007 to start importing wine from small producers. For a time, the main business was selling to restaurants (clients included The Fat Duck, The Square, Locanda Locatelli…). When he received an email offering a free trial for Libeo in May, Simon Broad thought he'd give it a shot. A thought he doesn't regret.

About Ten Green Bottles

Simon Broad & Sam Devaney started importing wine from small producers in 2007, and then opened their shop and bar in 2010. What started in the import business quickly went on to become one of UK’s first ‘hybrid’ wine shop and bar. Ten Green Bottles specialises in wines from smaller producers, often organic or biodynamic, where the quality and character of the wine is at the forefront.

During Covid, Ten green bottles applied for and won a government grant aimed at companies innovating to take their offering online, allowing TGB to purchase equipment to offer wine tastings online, at the same price and as close to the normal experience as possible.


Before Libeo, Ten Green Bottles’s weekly process involved approving new invoices, reconciling the previous week’s payments, checking the Aged Payables report against the statements received, and finally making the payments that were due that week. There were roughly 10 to 15 supplier invoices per week and took up to 1 to 1.5 hours per run.

“The wallet made a big difference. Much easier to pay in bulk instead of paying each invoices separately through online banking.”

Simon Broad

Founder - Ten Green Bottles

How Libeo Changed Simon’s invoice management process

Libeo has both streamlined the process and is a useful tool for drilling down into and getting a clear view of the supplier payments side of the business. What used to be a lot a weekly checks through a number of reports on Xero have become monthly reviews through Libeo filters.

"Being able to make just one weekly payment to my wallet, that is then automatically reconciled, is a real timesaver."

Simon Broad

Founder - Ten Green Bottles

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