Libeo is compatible with all European banks to pay and track your payments 100% securely.

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automate your bank reconciliation

Synchronise your banking flows by integrating your bank with your Libeo account.

Frequently asked questions

Is Libeo a bank?

No, Libeo is not a bank. Libeo is a payment and collection tool that connects with your management software and connects to your bank to perform your payment and collection operations.

Is Libeo compatible with all banks?

Libeo is compatible with over 5,000 banks throughout the Eurozone and the UK. Payments can be initiated from any bank account, without the need to fund a wallet.

What is IBAN-free payment?

This is a payment using a unique technology developed by Libeo, the IBANless© technology. It allows you to pay your suppliers without having to enter their bank account details. Libeo takes care of retrieving the bank account details automatically to save you time and avoid typing errors. Once the bank account details is registered, the payment is validated and your supplier receives the funds directly on his bank account.

How does bank reconciliation work with Libeo?

If you wish, Libeo can connect to your bank accounts in one click and help you link your sales and purchase invoices to your incoming and outgoing cash flows.

Can we pay foreign suppliers with Libeo?

Yes, Libeo offers its users payment in USD and GBP.