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How to integrate Libeo with Xero

Xero is a safe, secure and reliable online accounting software package that automates everyday business tasks. Take it from us. It’s super helpful. With real-time financial information at your fingertips, you can check your company’s financial health instantly. Plus, Xero’s customisable dashboard allows you to share interactive reports and budgets. In short, it’ll save you a load of time and help you to grow your business. 

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Xero is a reliable online accounting software package that automates everyday business tasks, such as sharing interactive reports and budgets. The best thing about Xero: you can easily link it with other business apps like Libeo, thanks to Xero integrations. The combination of both apps makes accounting safer – and much quicker

What integrations does Xero have?

Xero boasts a host of nifty add-ons to make your business life easier. With access to tools like Hubdoc, Xero Payroll and Planday that save you time, you might even be able to schedule yourself a few hours off! Just check out this collection of Xero apps!

Integrating Libeo with Xero

At Libeo, we’re great friends with Xero and often recommend the Xero accounting app to our clients. Xero is great at what it does, but with Libeo, it’s even better. Linking them couldn’t be easier.

Start by login to Xero UK to your dashboard. You just head to the menu at the top of the screen, click user integration – it’s the first thing on the list – and relax. We’ll take it from there.

What Libeo adds to Xero

By itself, Xero doesn’t do approvals of invoices or payments, and you can’t request other people to approve invoices through the app. But because we love Xero so much, we’ve plugged those gaps.

If you already use Xero for invoice processing, Libeo can pull invoices in from Xero, giving you the freedom to approve and pay in moments. You can scan invoices, extract details and create your purchase bill easily. Usually, when paying a supplier, there’s manual input of bank details and other information. Libeo automates all of this – ensuring accuracy and saving you precious time.

Without Libeo integration, some Xero users copy all their information into an Excel spreadsheet and spend hours doing their invoicing manually. Boo to that!

With the two apps integrated, information on Xero automatically syncs with Libeo every hour, so if a payment status is modified on Xero, it is updated on Libeo. Even better, information on Libeo syncs with Xero immediately! You can make payments associated with invoices on Libeo, and Xero will know right away.

Reducing risk with combined Libeo/Xero invoicing

What’s more important than your firm’s financial security? Old fashioned paper-based spreadsheet accounting imposes genuine risks on your business’s financial wellbeing. If there’s one thing we know for sure about us poor human beings, we are fallible. Even the sharpest eyed clerk can miss that extra zero that’s somehow edged onto an invoice.

But with Libeo, you don’t have to do things manually. Nor do you need to jump through hoops to get it to work with your bank. Libeo grants a secure, reliable connection with your bank account. And as it works with your existing accountancy software, your bookkeeper or accountant’s life is made easier. Everything can be shared with them in an instant – accurately and risk-free.

Pink Pig Financials

Cheryl Sharp, CEO of Pink Pig Financials, about libeo:

“Now that I can download it from Xero and upload the exact file directly into Libeo, it’s brilliant! I didn’t need to do anything. A lot of time is saved between our payroll and those of our clients.”

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What’s great about Xero and Libeo for a small business owner?

It’s not only safer to handle accounts payable and receivable digitally, but it also saves time. And in business, time is money. Our data shows us that, on average, business owners spend eleven hours or more each week on invoicing. Xero cannot approve invoices or payments, but Libeo plugs those gaps. With Libeo and Xero working together, you can save about 4 days a month.

Plus, the integrated apps give you financial clarity. That means you can make real-time, sensible, informed decisions in response to your business’s economic environment. Trends that historically might not have revealed themselves for months can now be identified immediately.

The entrepreneur of yesteryear had to go by gut instinct, but you can make your company’s decisions based on sound, up-to-date financial facts.

To take your business’ financial management up another gear, check out how to go beyond invoice management and build better cash flow forecasts.



No need to double check that everything is up to date — Libeo does the work for you by syncing paid invoices back to Xero in real time for easy reconciliation.

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Is Xero available on myApps?

MyApps is Microsoft 365's digital workplace solution and collaboration platform. Through the MyApps portal, users can access their Office 365 apps, groups and account settings. That does not include Xero, for the accounting software is not part of the Office 365 suite.

Does Xero have an API?

Not just one. Xero API Explorer offers 11 APIs, which Xero subscribers and app partners can leverage to streamline workflows, boost efficiency and better support business needs.

How does Xero integrate with Salesforce?

Xero's users can integrate their Xero's account with Salesfores (and vice versa) Through Zapier, a product that allows end users to integrate the web applications they use and automate workflows.

What is Xero software used for?

Xero is an accounting system designed for SMBs. The web-based solution provides web-based provides its users with a safe, secure and reliable online accounting platform that automates everyday business tasks.