Damien, Account Manager: "At Libeo, words are aligned with actions"

Damien is an Account Manager. His mission: build customer loyalty and satisfaction by making their lives easier. His work ethic? Damien is a team player: he thrives in workspaces that allow him to connect to other people and believe in the power of teams, like Libeo.

Damien, how did your path cross with Libeo?

I worked for a few years in Customer Relations in the mobility sector. As part of my Master's degree in intra- and entrepreneurship, I join a work/study program at MAN Truck & Bus France. Then, I joined a startup that specialised in car-sharing. After a while, I wanted to explore new horizons, especially in the finance and tech sector, which had always piqued my interest. And Libeo quickly stand out from other players! I was convinced by the human dimension, the energy and passion of the people I met, and the very high added value of the company's project.

Did the reality live up to your expectations?

At Libeo, words are aligned with actions. There are no false promises. From day one, I felt I was part of a powerful team: constantly growing but never losing touch with its simplicity and friendliness. Everyone was approachable, regardless of experiences and background. We're aiming for the same goal, so it's all hands on deck: people give their best and help each other reach their ambition. This energy is still present today, and I feel it's our greatest strength. The additional power of Libeo is that it allows you to give free rein to your creativity and ideas. To feel listened to and supported is very engaging. And, of course, growing in this culture pushes you to give it all, be resourceful, propose new projects and constantly improve what you do. 

What qualities do you think are needed to succeed in your job?

Empathy and listening skills are essential for a successful customer relationship. It's all the more important when, like Libeo, you have a close relationship with your users. We co-build our solutions and systematically develop new features with them. Our role is to be attentive to our customers' feedback: listen to what works for them and what doesn't, and understand their expectations. Then, we share all this with our Tech and Product teams.

It's also important to know how to manage pressure and anticipate tensions. My advice: be didactic, show patience and calm. When facing complicated situations, whether technical or interpersonal, you need to be able to keep your cool and take a step back.

And finally, you need to show adaptability and be willing to learn something new every day. At Libeo, things evolve quickly: you need to be proactive, look for further information and understand new features. That's how you help your customers find answers to their challenges. 

How do you see the future at Libeo?

Later on, I would like to manage a team to pass on my skills and passion. I really believe in the power of the collective and being able to share with others is key to my development. During my experience at MAN Truck & Bus France, the Head of Sales took a big part in my training. He was like a mentor to me, so I would like to show the same leadership: supporting others and giving them confidence and the desire to learn continuously. 

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