Manage your cash flow

Cash flow is crucial for any business. Libeo lets you set up better AP processes to suit your needs.

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Schedule payments by due date

Libeo lets you schedule payments by the due date extracted from the invoice. It makes it far easier to pay on time (happy suppliers) but not early (happy cashflow).


Set up partial payments

Why should you have to pay an entire invoice before all the items are due? With Libeo you can set up partial invoice payments to boost your cashflow — without upsetting suppliers.

Keep on top of it all in one dashboard

Managing and tracking cash flow can be a nightmare. By collecting all your payments in one central, simple dashboard you can check on things at a glance and get back to business.

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Don’t just take it from us. Here’s what our customers say…

With Libeo, managing my invoices is much easier and faster than before. By finding all my invoices in one place, I have complete visibility on my past and future expenses.


Tiphaine Bailly • Adar


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Libeo Has got it all


Streamlining invoice management for more than 300,000 companies across Europe


Managing and minimising risks with secured payments regulated by the FCA


Saving time and removing mental workload through connections with accounting tools and flexible payment options

Main features

  • Import or forward invoices to one place

  • Automatically collect invoice data by optical character recognition scan

  • Validation workflows (multiple approvers, validation in sequence, etc.)

  • Integrate with and export to accounting tools

  • Pay different suppliers on different dates in one batch

  • Schedule bulk payments by due date

  • Automation rules to sort invoices

  • Set up partial payment and pay on custom dates

  • Assign user rights to control who can make payments

  • Easy to learn, easy to use — no training required

  • Access all payments info in one intuitive dashboard

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is cashflow management important?

Cash flow is the amount of cash that comes in and goes out of a company.

Assessing the quantity, timing, and uncertainty of that cash, along with where it comes from and where it goes, is crucial for financial reporting. It is used to evaluate a company’s overall health and financial performance, including its liquidity.

How does Libeo help with cashflow management?

Libeo lets you schedule payments by the due date and set up partial payments. By collecting all your payments in one central, simple dashboard you can check on things at a glance.

Does Libeo finance invoices?

Stay tuned — Libeo is launching a buy now pay later (BNPL) feature in 2023!