Connect and Sync Your Payments

Finding and entering all your supplier payment details into your banking app is a nightmare. Libeo does it all for you and syncs with major accounting tools like Xero.

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How does it work?


Connect to your accounting software


Extract payment details and due dates


Bulk pay different suppliers on custom due dates to suit your needs

All without logging into online banking.

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Collect Your Accounts Payable

Xero integration

Libeo connects to your Xero account, and invoices are synced automatically. All supplier information uploaded in Xero will be updated in Libeo so you can make payments quickly and easily.


Mass invoice import

Perform bulk imports of your accounts payable invoices from your computer or smartphone. Our optical character recognition (OCR) technology automatically extracts the data and converts it into an electronic format.

Email invoices to your Libeo account

Send your supplier invoices directly to a dedicated Libeo email address, and Libeo will add them to your space.


Libeo syncs seamlessly with Xero


By setting up syncing with Xero, you can remove the manual errors that occur when moving data from one tool to another.

Everything you upload and edit in Xero is automatically synced with Libeo, so you don’t need to repeat the same processes for different tools.

No need to double check that everything is up to date — Libeo does the work for you by syncing paid invoices back to Xero in real time for easy reconciliation.


Don’t just take it from us. Here’s what our customers say...

Clear, Efficient, Streamlined


Simon Broad • Ten Green Bottles


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Libeo Has Got it All


Streamlining invoice management for more than 300,000 companies across Europe


Managing and minimising risks with secured payments regulated by the FCA


Saving time and removing mental workload through connections with accounting tools and flexible payment options

Main features

  • Import or forward invoices to one place

  • Automatically collect invoice data by optical character recognition scan

  • Validation workflows (multiple approvers, validation in sequence, etc.)

  • Integrate with and export to accounting tools

  • Pay different suppliers on different dates in one batch

  • Schedule bulk payments by due date

  • Automation rules to sort invoices

  • Set up partial payment and pay on custom dates

  • Assign user rights to control who can make payments

  • Easy to learn, easy to use — no training required

  • Access all payments info in one intuitive dashboard

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect Libeo to Xero?

Simply login to your Libeo account, head to the integrations page and click configure to connect Libeo to Xero.

How does the Libeo wallet show up in Xero?

The Libeo Wallet is now displayed in Xero just like any other bank account, which makes for easier reconciliation.

You can clearly see the amount of planned payments, but also the current amount in the Libeo ‘bank account’. Any future payments will be deducted directly from the current amount.

What information does Libeo pull through from Xero?

Our optical character recognition (OCR) technology automatically extracts supplier and invoice data and converts it into an electronic format.

How often does Xero sync with Libeo?

Libeo syncs automatically with Xero on an hourly basis.