Automatically track your customer invoices

Because getting paid on time should no longer be a luxury, we help you to collect your bills easily.

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Cash collection EN

Cash collection with Libeo:

How it works?


Connect your invoicing tool

Collect all your A/R invoices from your favourite software


Send your invoices to your customers

Notify and remind your customers with tact and automatically track the opening of your emails


Cash in on your bank account

Get paid by bank transfer or credit card, directly to your company's bank account

You will never have to claim your money again

Collect 100% of your sales

Put an end to unpaid bills by keeping track of the status of each debt and the payment habits of your customers.

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Optimize cash flow EN

Optimise your cash flow

Reduce the time it takes your customers to pay by reminding them at the right time and offering them the best options to pay you on time.

Receive an alert for each payment

Don't waste time on bank reconciliation and be notified when funds are received.

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If we put together all the time-consuming steps that we used to manage manually before Libeo, we have saved at least 4 hours per week on the management of our invoices".


Wilfrid de Conti

Co-founder of Besight

Payment options tailored to your customers

  • Ibanless©️ transfer

  • Scheduled transfer on due date

  • Bank card

  • Split payment (3x, 5x, 10x...)

  • Deferred payment

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Payment options EN

Collection in foreign currency

Collect your invoices in USD and GBP at the best rate, from Libeo, without changing your invoice management and tracking habits.

Find what you need with Libeo

  • Automatic sending of your invoices

  • Customer receipts on your account

  • Real-time dashboards

  • Up and down synchronization with your billing tools

  • Bank reconciliation

  • Adapted late payment reminder plans

  • Payment options for your customers

  • Unlimited customer collections, commission-free

  • Full access to the Libeo network

Frequently asked questions

Why should I collect my customers with Libeo?


Libeo uses TrackPay© technology which offers its users a faster and more controlled payment process. This technology saves you several days of payment time and allows your teams to save precious hours each week on cash collection.

What is TrackPay technology?


TrackPay© is a technology that allows you to offer your customers a range of payment options adapted to their needs: payment by credit card, payment by simplified transfer, payment in installments, programmed payment...

What are the transaction fees? Does Libeo take a percentage of the collected invoice?


There are no transaction fees or commissions on invoices collected. Regardless of the volume of invoices processed or their amount, we charge you a flat monthly fee.

How does Libeo remind my customers?


Libeo adapts to your customers' typology and allows you to automate sequences of reminders before the due date, then reminders after the due date, with the right tone and the right frequency.

How does bank reconciliation work with Libeo?


If you wish, Libeo can connect to your bank accounts in one click and help you link your sales and purchase invoices to your incoming and outgoing money flows. In just one click!

In case of unpaid bills, can Libeo be used for cash recovery?


If the due date of an invoice has been passed for a while, Libeo will propose you to send it to one of our partners specialized in debt collection. In one click, you can start a collection procedure and follow it directly from your Libeo space.

Can Libeo generate sales invoices?


No, Libeo does not produce invoices. Libeo is a payment and collection tool that integrates with almost any management or billing software on the market.