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Rubypayeur accelerates its development by bringing Libeo into its capital

Rubypayeur, the first community-based debt collection solution, announces that Libeo, the leader in business-to-business payments in Europe, has taken a minority stake in its capital. This new financing and strategic alliance mark a new stage in the startup's development. It will enable the company to benefit from significant synergies and privileged access to the Libeo community, which includes more than 150,000 companies in Europe.

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  1. A Hybrid Model for Managing Unpaid Bills
  2. More than 4,000 Customers
  3. A Match Between Two Complementary FinTechs


Created in 2019, Rubypayeur is the first debt collection service to have integrated a community dimension. The startup has developed a directory of more than 15 million companies referencing good and bad payment practices. This approach, unprecedented in France, avoids legal collection actions in more than 75% of cases. 

Rubypayeur also acts as a rating agency. It has developed a scoring algorithm based on +400M financial and extra-financial data to anticipate the risk of business failure.


After a year of solid growth in 2021, Rubypayeur now supports more than 4,000 VSEs and SMEs, including Doctolib, Jobteaser, Skeepers, Eskimoz, Junto, Deskeo, Planity, Ordoclic, etc., and has a community of more than 20,000 creditor and debtor companies.

Most customers use Rubypayeur's collection services every month. Its success is based on three pillars: 

  • Efficiency thanks to the support of its community
  • The complete digitalisation of processes
  • A competitive pricing policy: Rubypayeur reached a collection rate of 84% with an average time of 39 days for invoices of €2,500.

Vincent Hauss, CEO of Finexkap, a Rubypayeur customer since 2021, says: “The Rubypayeur solution fits perfectly with our B2B short-term financing activity. Relying on the community has allowed us to collect nearly €150,000. The platform is very easy to use and provides complete monitoring of files in real-time.”


Rubypayeur's positioning is based on innovation and the strength of the collective. In this perspective, it is fully in line with Libeo, which in just two years has managed to create a community of nearly 150,000 European companies that maintain more efficient and transparent business relationships thanks to its IBAN-free payment service.

By combining Libeo's customer invoice tracking solution and Request-to-pay technology with Rubypayeur's services, the two fintechs cover the entire “customer risk” chain and become key players in inter-company trust.

It is, therefore, quite natural that the alliance between these two fintechs, which respond to the problem of customer receivables management in a very supplementary way, has come about. Libeo's entry into Rubypayeur's capital is part of a desire to build a long-term structural partnership by developing solid operational synergies. What are the consequences for Libeo's customers? Within their current platform, they will now be able to monitor unpaid invoices and will get access to enriched data on their payments, suppliers and customers. 

Alexandre Bardin, founder and CEO of Rubypayeur explains: “The entry of a major partner like Libeo in Rubypayeur's capital is a significant step in our development. This operation is part of our shared desire to offer an innovative and comprehensive response to the growing needs of companies in terms of customer relationship management. Like Libeo, Rubypayeur is placing the community has the heart of its services. We hope to build the future of B2B payments through a common strategy.”

Pierre Dutaret, co-founder and CEO of Libeo, adds: “Debt collection is a crucial issue for SMEs, and Rubypayeur is deploying a solution that brings tangible results compared to traditional, more prominent players who lack efficiency. This alliance allows us to offer our customers a new, high value-added service. It is also an opportunity to seal our joint ambition to put trust back at the heart of inter-company relations in France and Europe!



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