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Artisans des réseaux simplifies its workflow with Libeo


 : Jacques Drion, Partner and COO


 : Artisans des réseaux


 : Paris


 : Construction

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Artisans des réseaux is a digital multi-technical maintenance company. It was founded in 2019 and operates in three main sectors across France: retail, housing and services. Jacques Drion, partner and CFO of the company, explains how Libeo helped him make the switch from a time-consuming, manual process to a simple, fast and secure system.

Artisans des réseaux, a digital multi-technical concierge service

Artisans des réseaux defines itself as “a multi-technical, digital concierge service”, handling various works, repairs to lift reservations, maintenance and breakdowns for brands operating in networks, including shops, restaurants, crèches, gyms and coworking centres, for example.

Artisans des réseaux in numbers:

  • A network of over 1,500 technical companies
  • Operating in 8 areas
  • Present in 3 countries: France, Switzerland and Benelux
  • Several hundred supplier invoices per month

Before Libeo: an entirely manual supplier payment process

Like many construction companies, Artisans des Réseaux is keen to save time on:

  • quotations (many customers confirm with the first company to send a quote)
  • and invoices (to cut down payment times).

As well as saving time, construction companies seek to keep control over their margins when estimating their work.

Before Libeo, Jacques and his colleagues juggled between the banking interface for invoice payment and the accounting tool for reconciliation. This administrative to-ing and fro-ing took them a whole day each week.

In a manual process, all outgoing payments have to be processed by hand via the bank account. Which means:

  1. Entering the correct bank account details.
  2. Confirming using the digital key.
  3. Checking the amount of the invoice, the supplier’s bank details and the invoice number.
  4. Making the payment.
  5. Waiting for the payment to appear in the accounting software.
  6. Finally, reconciling.

When the monthly volume amounts to several hundred invoices, the whole process is time-consuming and error-prone. This process reveals three major sticking points:

  • the time spent and the use of company resources on tasks with low added value;
  • errors arising from manual data entry: bank account details, amount, invoices overlooked, invoices paid twice, etc;
  • frustration among people inside and outside the company due to the flawed process.

Artisans des réseaux was looking for an automated invoice payment system when it came across Libeo on the QuickBooks marketplace.

The platform subsequently started to set up its own integrated, automated workflow connecting different tools to save time and boost efficiency.

“We used to spend two days a week paying suppliers. Now we spend just 15 minutes a day. For our operational staff, the invoice processing error rate is close to zero.”

Jacques Drion

Jacques Drion

COO - Artisans des Réseaux

Avec Libeo : un process de paiement fournisseur structuré

Since they started using Libeo, Artisans des réseaux has brought payment and accounting together: with the various accounting integrations, invoices are automatically uploaded to QuickBooks. The operational team checks the invoices and prepares the payments.

As Chief Operating Officer (COO), it’s Jacques’s job to approve payments. With Libeo, he has very close control over outgoing payments. Most of all, however, it has significantly reduced his supplier payment times: suppliers now receive their payment within 48 hours.

By automating these processes, the COO has been able to delegate part of the chain to operational staff. They are thus given greater responsibility and time is saved all round.

With Libeo, Artisans des réseaux has achieved 4 objectives:

  1. the workflow has been considerably simplified;
  2. the risk of payment errors has been drastically reduced;
  3. there is now greater visibility on future outgoings, both for the current month and the next month;
  4. IBAN input has been outsourced to the supplier thanks to the IBAN-free payment function.

“Processing a large volume of invoices requires simple and intuitive checks to avoid errors: we have got this with Libeo and the number of errors has been greatly reduced. With Libeo, we can now scale up.”

Jacques Drion

Jacques Drion

COO - Artisans des réseaux


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