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Besight: “Thanks to Libeo, the issue of supplier invoices is behind us.”


Libeo's user : Wilfrid de Conti, co-founder


Company : Besight


Location : Paris


Industry : Merchandise Agency

Nombre d'employees

Number of employees : 10


Features : Payment scheduling

Besight is an agency specialising in communication objects. In this business that involves many suppliers on each project, Libeo has considerably simplified operations and saved a lot of time. Wilfrid de Conti, Besight’s co-founders, explains how it works. 

“If we put together the different time-consuming steps in the former manual process, we have saved a good 4 hours a week on supplier management."

Wilfrid de Conti

Wilfrid de Conti

Co-founder – Besight

Introduce us to Besight...

Besight is an agency specialising in communication objects with an accent on eco-designed enterprise gifts. Our objective is to allow companies to keep using promotional objects as a communication channel while injecting a dose of sobriety to address ecological concerns. 


Besight by the numbers

  • 350+ customers 
  • about ten employees
  • a 25 to 75% reduction of the environmental impact of corporate gifts 
  • about 60 invoices processed on Libeo each month 

Why did you choose Libeo?

We heard about Libeo at a time when we were actively looking for a solution to manage our supplier invoices. After having managed it manually for a long time, i.e. by piling up time-consuming and non-replicable processes, we had finally created an in-house tool.

The latter automated some of the tasks, but we still had to connect to the bank’s website on the due date, make several transfers in a row, be concentrated to avoid errors, check the wording twice, etc. With the growth of our activity, it became unmanageable! So we contacted Libeo and were among the first beta users.

What are the key features for you?

The first one is definitely the payment planning: as soon as we receive the invoice, we plan the payment, and this topic “goes out of our head”!

Another very powerful feature is the automatic reading of the invoice thanks to OCR technology: the invoices are automatically read and classified, and the sales team is only called in for approval, which acts as a management control at the same time.

And finally, the automatic calculation of payment deadlines: it may seem trivial, but when you work with several European countries with different regulations, you are very happy that the tool automatically calculates the due date applicable to each!

“We have connected Libeo to other tools, which has boosted our cost accounting. We are better aware of our margins, our business management is smarter, and we have access to analyses that would previously have been impossible.”

Wilfrid de Conti

Wilfrid de Conti

Co-founder – Besight

As beta users, have you suggested any features?

Of course, and it’s great to see that our requests are listened to and taken into account by the Libeo teams! I particularly pushed for the “proof of payment” feature. We often place orders in a hurry, and until now, bank processing times could sometimes delay the project, as suppliers would only start working once they received the deposit.

But we realised that they just needed proof that the transfer had been initiated, even if the payment would appear on their bank accounts a few days later. We then discussed with Libeo and, today, in one click, the proof of payment is sent to the supplier, who is reassured and can immediately start production.

Libeo in three words?

Time saving, innovation, added value.

“Our invoice volume has increased tenfold over the last two years and I don’t know how we would have coped without Libeo. I actually wonder how others cope...”

Wilfrid de Conti

Wilfrid de Conti

Co-founder – Besight

Has Libeo also improved the relationship with your customers?

It’s a work in progress! We would love to have Libeo as a single platform for both customers and suppliers. The integration of Libeo with Inqom allows us to manage incoming and outgoing flows in the same place easily.

This fits in with our long term goal of automating 95% of our accounting and controlling operations - and Libeo is proof that the technologies are smart enough to achieve this, allowing us to focus on the more exciting aspects, namely profitability analysis.


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