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François Dapremont : "I don't understand why all hotels in France don't use Libeo"!


Libeo user : François Dapremont, Hotel Manager


Enterprise : Balmoral Hotel


Location : Paris


Industry : Hospitality

Nombre d'employees

Employees : About 20 per hotel


Favorite feature : Instant payment and duplicate detection

François Dapremont is a Hotel Manager and owner of the Balmoral Hotel in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. Since he started using Libeo, he has been able to use the time he spent processing his invoices to develop his hotels. Moreover, he does not understand why all hotels in France do not use Libeo!

The Balmoral Hotel, a 4-star hotel located near the Arc de Triomphe

Located in a 19th century Haussmann building, the hotel has won several awards, including 1st prize in the "Best Luxury Hotel in Paris" category in 2015.

Hotel Balmoral in figures:

  • 2 establishments
  • 50 rooms and suites, 2 luxury flats
  • About 40 employees in total
  • A turnover of 3 180 700,00 € in 2019


For François Dapremont, as for many hotel managers, time is a scarce resource that he would like to devote to more than just managing invoices. Before Libeo, he faced a number of issues related to supplier management in its hotels:

  • Dispersal of accounting documents
  • Collection and centralisation of invoices
  • Double or even triple payments

An additional workload estimated at several hours per month. Important time in volume but no added value.

"I don't understand why all hotels in France don't use Libeo. I've now come to integrate all suppliers, even the hotel's rent receipt."

François Dapremont

François Dapremont

Manager - Balmoral Hotel

no more payment outside libeo!

François Dapremont discovered Libeo during a trade show. During a demonstration, he particularly appreciated the possibility of scanning invoices, which makes it possible to detect duplicates, and the immediacy of transfers. Two functionalities that respond perfectly to its invoice management problems.

Another advantage is the possibility of paying invoices on time, which makes it easier to file invoices in the tool, where the owner and his accountant can find them.

When he started using Libeo, François Dapremont used it mainly for the suppliers of goods and services in his establishment. As time goes by, it is now all the hotel's suppliers, and even the Treasury, that it pays with Libeo.

For the owner of the Balmoral Hotel, Libeo's decisive features are:

  • Collect and centralise supplier invoices and avoid duplication
  • Make immediate transfers
  • Schedule payments on due dates as soon as invoices are integrated
  • Pay all its suppliers, including the Treasury

"I even pay the Treasury with Libeo now. I hardly have any payments outside Libeo anymore."

François Dapremont

François Dapremont

Manager - Balmoral Hotel


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