Jonak saves one day per month on its accounting


 : Marcel Nakam, Managing Director


 : Jonak


 : Paris


 : Retail

Nombre d'employees

 : 250


 : Automatic import into accounts

Marcel Nakam is the managing director of Jonak, which he has managed for nearly ten years. The shoe brand born in Paris in 1964 now has a hundred stores throughout Europe. Proximity and trust are keys to better managing supplier relations for this family business!

Jonak – some figures:

  • Around 250 employees
  • 100+ stores, including 70 in France
  • Around 60 suppliers
  • Nearly 600,000 pairs of shoes sold each year
  • 95% of invoices managed via Libeo

“Libeo has been a key component in modernising our finance department. Because our suppliers are modernising at the same time as us, and because Libeo is really easy to use”

Marcel N&B

Marcel Nakam

Managing director - Jonak

Jonak, a trusted relationship with its suppliers

Jonak strives to work exclusively with European suppliers: Portugal, Spain and Italy. A condition that has proven to be very practical has set it apart from its competitors during the pandemic. Jonak works with a limited number of suppliers. Their partnerships are essential: many of them have been manufacturing shoes exclusively for Jonak for 15-20 years on average.

For Marcel Nakam, who has been running the company for nearly ten years, invoice management comes up against four main problems:

  • Non-optimised payment times
  • Artisanal management, together with significant volumes
  • The time involved in creating new bank details
  • The fear of double payments

The latter has rarely happened or has only involved relatively small amounts, but it requires a great deal of checking and verifying. Libeo provides Jonak with 100% security thanks to its duplicate invoice detection tool.

When it detects a potential duplicate invoice, the platform notifies the user, who can then check the documents:

duplicate invoice detection tool

Invoice detection

With Libeo: one day saved per month

Since Marcel Nakam works closely alongside his suppliers, the transition needed to go smoothly. And that is precisely how it went. All they have to do now is send the invoices to a dedicated email address. The invoices are automatically uploaded and processed on the Libeo platform.

For him, Libeo’s most significant advantage is automatically dumping data into the accounts. This feature saves him time – transcribing information into the accounting system alone would take a whole day every month!

Second advantage: payment at the due date. For Jonak, this is a real revolution: the invoice is processed for good, and at the same time, cash flow is optimised since payments are not offset:

Payment option

“Libeo has helped us spread a cash management culture across the entire group, thanks to the “payment at due date” feature.”

Marcel N&B

Marcel Nakam

Managing director - Jonak

A real asset, especially when it comes to working remotely

Before, some bills would be paid immediately, at the manager’s insistence, while others would be left on a desk until a later date. Marcel Nakam tried to instil this cash management culture into his teams for a long time. Now they have acquired it.

Also, regarding work habits, Libeo has been extremely practical for managers during lockdown: many people are still working remotely and will continue to do so. Having a platform that centralises all transactions and interactions seems more user-friendly and efficient than sending out untimely emails if he had to sum it up in three words: productivity, no risk of error, and efficiency.

“At Jonak, Friday was traditionally ‘payday’. Now, all invoices are already collected by Friday, so all we have to do is approve all payments in one click on the Libeo platform.”

Marcel N&B

Marcel Nakam

Managing director - Jonak

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