Cedric DevOps

Cédric, DevOps Manager: the developers’ lucky star

Cédric has been Development Operations Manager at Libeo since September 2021. His role? Ensure that the infrastructure on which the developers' code runs works as well as possible. Had it not been for his passion for gaming, Cédric would probably have never considered doing this job.  Indeed, this passion -with a great deal of confidence and intuition- led him to build a cloud-based company, and then to join the Libeo adventure!

Cédric, what was your background before joining Libeo?

Like many people at Libeo, I had an atypical career path! When I was 16, I qualified as a welder. I was bored at school, and I didn't really know what I wanted to do in life. For 5 years, I worked 8-hour shifts on a production line. In the meantime, I was using my personal time to build infrastructures that could host video game servers for players around the world. It became a real passion for me, and I eventually became the leader of the biggest global community on Counter-strike. One day, a computer crash brought the entire production line at the factory where I worked to a complete standstill. 200 people just couldn’t work! I then tried to solve the problem and… I found the solution and succeeded in restarting the whole system. I felt really proud, and I also realised I could do more to capitalise on my knowledge of computers. It showed me that I was capable of something else.

In 2008, I created a company specializing in cloud operations. I managed to grow my business to up to 250 clients. But it was probably still too early, as people didn't really understand what I was doing. For my part, I was convinced that it was important to be able to deploy applications, anywhere in the world. Plus, launching a business alone is difficult… In 2012, I moved to Lille to work for a service provider for a large French retail group, before working internally in 2015, as a DevOps. I felt that I had found my place in life.

Why did you choose Libeo?

In 2021, I was looking to work in a less rigid environment, one where innovation is possible. I also needed new challenges. With Libeo, it feels like I'm reliving those exciting days of creating my own business back in 2008… except that this time I'm no longer alone! I'm also impressed by the open-mindedness which characterizes Libeo: like its founders, the company brings together people with diverse career paths and backgrounds, driven by the same passion. Obviously, I identify very strongly with this environment. The other advantage of Libeo is its flexibility in terms of remote work: living in Lille, I'm glad to be able to work from home. Beyond the practical benefits, for me, it's a sign of an excellent mindset.

What do you particularly like today about your daily life?

I like the relationship with the developers I work with, and I do everything I can to make their lives easier. It's very rewarding to use my energy to listen to their challenges and figure out how to help them. The biggest reward is seeing their satisfaction! Even if we are working remotely, we are often connected on Slack and our discussions are fluid and regular. What I also like is working in an environment open to innovation and new ideas. I haven't always experienced this, and it's great to know that we take suggest ways to change existing habits without causing an outcry. On the contrary, Libeo welcomes innovation and even encourages it. This freedom to think and act is something I greatly value. Finally, Libeo is a company in which everyone can feel included, as a stakeholder in a collective project: the founders keep us regularly informed about the company’s progress, the figures, the objectives achieved and those to come. It's very stimulating to feel that you are part of a collective adventure, to know where we are going and to be involved in all the changes implemented. 

We are hiring: https://apply.workable.com/libeo-app/.

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