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Introducing Libeo, the Cloud Software that Delivers a Rich Accounting Experience On a Single Platform

Libeo is a new Cloud Accounting software that combines the power of a robust ERP with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Libeo offers accountants and bookkeppers powerful industry-specific features, allowing them to automate tasks such as data entry, payroll and bulk payments.

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What is cloud accounting with example?

The cloud is a network of computers that allows users to access data and programs from any location. Cloud computing allows users to access applications and data remotely, often through the Internet.

The rise of SaaS, or Software-as-a-Service, has made it easier for businesses to access critical applications from any device and location. Many accounting firms have already taken advantage of this shift by moving their accounting platforms to the cloud.

What is a Cloud accounting software?

Cloud accounting is a type of software that runs online and allows users to access their financial data and reports without having to install any software on their computers. Instead, they are able to access all of their data through an internet browser such as Chrome or Safari. This is the main difference with non cloud-based accounting software, This is the main difference with traditional software, which requires the purchase of a licence and installation on one or more workstations to operate.

Which is the best cloud accounting software?

The one that best suits your needs. Cloud accounting software is available in two forms: as a subscription service or as an on-premises program. Subscription-based cloud accounting services allow you to pay a monthly fee for access to the software, while on-premises systems are installed on your own computer or server. Best option is to conduct a Cloud accounting softwares comparison before choosing one.

Cloud-based Accounting Software Benefits for Accountants and Payroll Managers

Cloud-based accounting software has many advantages over other options, especially when you consider the needs of accountants and payroll managers, like avoiding scope creep or making sure all employees are paid on time. Both types of cloud accounting software offer many advantages over traditional desktop applications:

  • Accessibility - Cloud accounting software is accessible from anywhere at any time. Users don't need to purchase hardware or software because it's hosted on the cloud. This makes it easy for anyone working remotely or traveling for work to access their finances at any time.
  • IT maintenance and support are managed by the provider or developer of the product itself.
  • Security - Cloud security is much more robust than other forms of data storage. It's virtually impossible for hackers to access your sensitive information because it's stored on multiple servers in different locations. Your company's data can also be encrypted using SSL (secure sockets layer) protocols, so that even if someone manages to get into the system, they will only see scrambled characters that mean nothing to them.
  • Easier collaboration with clients and coworkers. Cloud accounting software allows multiple users to work on the same documents at once, which makes it easier for teams to collaborate on projects together. Plus, it gives clients easy access to their financial information so they can check their accounts anytime they need to make a business decision or review their finances before meetings with other staff members or investors.
  • Cost savings - Cloud accounting solutions cost less than traditional software because they don't require expensive hardware or software upgrades every year or two.

Libeo, cloud caccounting software for pc, smartphone and tablet

Libeo is a cloud accounting solution that's particularly useful for accountants and bookkeepers who are tired of the tedious, error-prone work involved in data entry. The program allows users to automate tasks such as data entry, payroll and bulk payments, while also providing them with the tools they need to handle more complex tasks.

They can also focus on business development by leveraging Libeo's supplier management functionality (suppliers can be exported from Libeo into accounting or vice versa.) If you use Xero as an accounting software for instance, you can integrate it with Libeo to create an automated accounts payable workflow with a reliable audit trail, and grow your business faster than ever before.

Paying your different suppliers at once is possible with Libeo

Libeo helps bookkeepers scale their business quickly by letting them set up automated workflows for their clients (for example, recurring invoices or payroll). Among the most sought-after features in the list of accounting software is bulk payment. This method allows to make a high volume of payments at once using Faster Payments or BACS, instead of paying each invoice separately.

To initiate a bulk transfer from Libeo, check the invoices to be paid and trigger or schedule the payment on the desired date:

Bulk Payment Libeo

To enhance the payment experience, Libeo connects you to all your bank accounts, lets you view and edit transactions, generate reports and more.

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